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Graduate IDHEC (Cinema school) 1984

Villa Médicis Hors les Murs 1987


2012 Social Business, a new path for capitalism?

52 mn / Orana et Cie production

An attempt to define Social Business thru Cambolac, a social business at a pivotal period of its growth and developement.

• Prix Festival International du film d’environnement de Djakarta

2012 The underwater treasures of the Marquises Islands

52 mn / Polynésie première / Films en vrac / Bleu Lagon

Pakahii te mohana scientific expedition inventories underwater spècies with the help of people of the islands.

• Prix Festival du film d’images sous marines de Papeete. • International Marine Film Festival – Toulon

2011 The road of amphoras, a story of Gaule’s conquest

52 mn / Arte – l’Aventure humaine – Amip

How romanians conquiered France with millions of vine amphoras.

• Awarded honours Archéological Film Festival – Amiens

2009 Damed, the comorian film maker

52 mn / Ciné-Cinéma – Amip – Scam

A movie making lesson through the poetical eye of an amateur film maker in love with his island.

• Lucien Kimitété Award: International Insular Film Festival – îsle of Groix

2008 Hold-up in Zimbabwe

52 mn / France5 – Strawberry/MC4

A sustainable developement project intent on surviving a dictatorship.

2006 Who knows about Saint émilion !

52 mn / France 5 – Cie des Phares et Balises

Every ten years, the Bordeaux vineyards of Saint Emilion’s is getting ranked… A very hard competition.

2005 Ciguatera, the sikness that itches

52 mn / France 3 – RFO – Films du rêve

Damage caused to coral reefs in French Polynesia accelerates the developement of a dangerous disease called “ the itch“.

2004 Wildlife in French Guyane

52 mn / Canal + – Films du rêve

A youg man lives with and brings up young jaguars in French Guyana.

2002 Massawa

26 mn / Ministère des Affaires étrangères – Musée de Massawa

Portrait of Massawa, a town in Eritrea.

Who killed fish ballista ?

26 mn / La Cinquième – Films du rêve

Along the coast of the Sultanate of Oman, thousands of fish have died, who is responsible?

1999 Simunye

52 mn / La Cinquième – Muzzik – La Cie des Taxi-Brousse

Meeting between a baroque choir from Oxford and South African singers from the guettos of Johannesburg.

1998 Sakke, music and marriage in Mauritania

52 mn / Planète – La Cie des Taxi-Brousse

The traditional kidnapping of the bride by her husband and his friends accompanied by their griot.

1995 The big catch of the Imraguens

52 mn / FR3 (Thalassa) – SSR – Planète – NHK – La Cinquième – Cie Taxi Brousse

The last miraculous fish netting using dolphins by the imraguen people on the Mauritanian coast.

International Marine Film Festival – Toulon: Ancre d’argent.

1994 The last Dinosaurus

52 mn / FR3 (Thalassa) – SSR – Planète – NHK – La Cie des Taxi-Brousse

A fishing campaign along the Africa coast on one of the last Soviet factory ships.

1993 The Indians of the river

52 mn / FR 3 (Thalassa) – SSR – NHK -La Cie des Taxi-Brousse

The daily life of indians Wayana on the Maroni river in French Guyana.

International Marine Film Festival – Toulon: Jury Special Award.

1992 Out track

52 mn/ Arte – La Cie des Taxi-Brousse

The life and training of young long-distance runners in Kenya.

1988 Point Zéro

13 mn / Canal +

Waiting for a boat, dreams of a stowaway in Nouhadibou, Mauritania.

• Cinéma du Réél (1989) : Special honors from the jury.

• 2° Award Festival International Documentairy Film Festival of Bombay (1990).

1986 Godavari

52 mn / Antenne 2

A trip down the Godavari river in India.

Award Carnets de l’Aventure, Antenne 2.


2007 Arte channel expeditions

2 x 26 mn / Arte – Gédéon Programmes

The Ice Floe (Spitzberg)

Volcano Karthala (Comores)

2003 E = M6

13 mn / M6 – Films du rêve. Scientific experiments at 4800 m altitude

1999 Tracks / Tribal

3 x 13 mn / Arte – Program 33

Urban tribes: codes and pratices.

Other world. Portrait of a charity organisation.

Éléphants. Bikers‘meeting in winter in the north of Germany.

Long Boards. Extreme skateboarding downhill in Paris.

1999 Under the earth

4 x 26 mn / France 3 – La Cinquième-La Cie des Taxi-Brousse Scientific documentaries.


The story of salt

Illustration in Paleonthology

Story of an archeological excavation

1998 Lynx eye

10 x 5 mn / La Cinquième Scientific documentaries.

92/93 Peoples of the water

16 x 13 mn / France 3 – Canal J – SSR –TV Ontario – La Cinquième – La Cie des Taxi-Brousse

Journey through Mauritania, Guinée-Bissau, French Guyana and Panama on “la Fleur de Lampaul“.

90/91 Thalassa

10 x 5 mn / FR3 Scientific documentaries.


2005 Nature of great cooks

3 x 26mn / Season – Escale One picking, one recipe. Jean Bardet / Marc Meneau / Jean-Marie Dumaine

2004 Scaterred islands

2 x 26mn / France 3 (Thalassa) – RFO – les films du rêve

Threaten paradise

The road of cyclones


1983 Expulsion

26 mn Jury award Lille Festival(1984)

1982 Golden door

26 mn

1981 Foreign languages

13 mn